How to produce a story to attract leads

How Luigi, a marketing manager of a Italy’s food industry has managed to attract leads by producing a story to attract leads

The firm of Luigi and his problem

Its headquarters is Asti His name is Luigi. Who is? Luigi is marketing manager of a food company. What does he do? Luigi handles the marketing process, and tries to do his job better and better, day by day.

One day the boss is in the office to speak with Luigi concerning attract leads. The signs of nervousness that the boss shows, capture much of the attention of the marketing manager from Italy. A meeting concluded, Luigi has no doubt having to engage with all himself relying on his skills as a head of marketing to attract leads.

For Luigi are two alternatives now: fail to attract leads and disappoint his boss … Or get by in attracting leads and make her proud capo.La decision is up to him Louis, who does not want for anything in the world to prove a failure against the his boss, but on the contrary a great marketing manager.

How Luigi arrived at the solution

Google this time, in front attract leads, proves to be the only fruitful way for our marketing manager of Asti. Luigi test various keywords until the right one, “How to attract leads”, it leads to a page very useful. Her many years of work in the field accrued funeral would not be enough in this case.

Our marketing manager of Asti finally knows how to attract leads, or thanks to Louis chooses to call in order to schedule a meeting via Skype. During the latter to Louis being asked by their product manager, to give more explanations about attracting leads.

The product manager may want to subscribe to Luigi monthly service before making a one year contract. Our marketing manager decides to buy the service for a month in order to ascertain the actual potential. After only a few weeks the marketing manager of Asti can attract leads

How his life has changed thanks to

With the decisive support provided by, combating attract leads can be considered won, according to Louis. The manager was quick to offer him the best compliments when he was informed of the results obtained. To make a change were the competence and the necessary depth of Luigi

To attract leads, before Luigi had to wait so long, because this still did not use Our marketing manager of Asti was difficult and would never be able to get by quickly. Now yes, Luigi can count on and end to attract leads like an arrow. makes Luigi able to attract leads more efficiently than before, and this suggests the possibility to exploit it in the management of other problems. Our marketing manager of Asti decides to give himself the opportunity to know and use until the end of the year. Luigi is trying to find other situations solvable with, and will make several attempts.